Yesterday I wrote about the Brooklyn Tweed Lace KAL, but that wasn’t the only Make-Along I took part during the summer. I briefly mentioned the Summer of Basics MAL in my previous post, and thought I could share a bit more about it today. Karen Templer from Fringe Association started a 3-month long Make-Along running … Continue reading SUMMER OF BASICS.


I have been really lousy at blogging ever since Theo was born. First it was because I was totally overwhelmed about everything that had changed in my life, then life itself got in the way. I was often too tired in the evenings to even open my laptop and rather spent the little spare time … Continue reading STARTING ANEW.


Thank God for KALs! (That is Knit Alongs, in case you were wondering.) Otherwise this beauty would never have seen the light of day. I don’t know why I had totally snubbed this pattern and never even considered knitting it, because it is actually absolutely beautiful and also a really fun pattern to knit. When … Continue reading SELUNE.